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Konstantin Weddige

I am an IT security expert and co-founder of Lutra Security GmbH. My motivation is to make risks understandable and to contribute sustainably to a safer internet.

Besides that, I am an active open source contributor. The modern digital world as we know it would not be exist without open source software. Not only is much of the end-user software I use open source, but the key technologies of the Internet and most IoT devices and smartphones are based on open source software. That this is possible is not a given, and that’s why I believe we should all give something back from time to time, whether it’s a bug report, a bug fix, or a new application.

I am a member of the German Green Party (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) and an elected member of the district committee Milbertshofen-Am Hart. My focus is on transport policy, environmental and climate protection, and international issues.

I can also be reached via PGP encrypted email. The fingerprint of my PGP key is 997117D5B52F4E2D6CEB761B77F73CD6223F415A.